Hoi4 modding Wiki



Hoi4 mods have project folders, where configuration files are stored, in a simular way as the game is stored in its installation folder. The files in your project folder are read on top of the base game. 

The location of your project folder is defined in a mod file. On windows, this is located in

"Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod\modname.mod". 

For manual installation or creation of mods, your project folder path should be something like this :

"Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod\modname\"

This would then be defined in your .mod file as


While modding hoi4, you should start by trying to copy over installation folders and files, and then modifying them. If you installed the game through steam, you can find the installation folder through steam :

Steam => Library => Rightclick on Hearts of iron IV => Properties => Local Files => Browse Local Files

it is recommended to not change any files in this folder directly, but instead copy those that you wish to change over to your mod and it will then take the files from the mod instead of the files from the installation folder whenever available. This will only happen if the files have exactly the same name, file type, and located in the correct subfolders.


  • You can still reference properties the base game has, from your project folder. For example, if you plan on changing France, you can still reference anything related to Germany, without touching Germany in your mod.
  • To remove a file from the base game, copy over the file, but leave its content empty.
  • Changing the project files, unrelated to graphics, will change the hash of hoi4 multiplayer. Players need the same hoi4 hash, and thus the same hoi4 version and gameplay mods, in order to play multiplayer with eachother.