Hoi4 modding Wiki

The following list provides a series of syntaxes that can be used when writing descriptions such as those for focuses or events.

Syntax Definition Confirmed to work in
[Root.GetLeader] Country Leader Event, Focus
[From.GetLeader] Get previous country's Leader Event
[GER.GetName] Germany's country name Event, Focus
[Owner.GetLeader] The Puppetmaster's leader name Event
[Root.Capital.GetName] Capital name Event
From.From.GetName] Get the second-last country's name (if available) (Example, country A gets a news event that country B targeted country C with a decision. In this case, Country A is Root, Country B is From, and Country C is From.From ) Event
[GER.GetNameDef] Germany's country defensive name (e.g. "the German Reich") Event, Focus
[Root.GetRulingIdeology] Ruling ideology name (e.g. "fascist") Event, Focus
[GER.GetRulingParty] Ruling party name (e.g. "national socialists") Event, Focus
[FRA.GetAdjective] Gets the adjective of the population, (e.g. "French") Event, Focus
[FRA.GetFlag] Adds a small little flag in the middle of the text. Focus
§R Changes color of future text to red. (you can type the section symbol with ALT+21 on windows) Other colors are G for green, B for blue, W for white, L for grey, M for cyan and ! for default. Event, Focus
§! Changes color of text to default (white) Event, Focus
[Root.GetFactionName] Faction name (will be empty text if there is no faction) Event, Focus
[GetYear] Current year Event, Focus
[GetDateText] Current date, as text Event, Focus
[Root.GetCommunistParty] Name of the communist party, should work with other ideologies as well. Event, Focus

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