Hoi4 modding Wiki

Lists of HOI4 modding syntaxes, keywords, tools and examples!


Hearts of Iron IV, is made by Paradox Interactive to be very modifiable, however the modding support was initially quite lacking. This is where this fanmade wikia comes in to help! This site seeks to provide HOI4 modders support for a clearer explanation for everything a HOI4 modder needs.

Editing Rules

  1. You may only write articles related to modding Hearts of Iron IV.
  2. You may not create pages for detailing information about specific scenario's or other mod specific information.
  3. Do not discuss or add personal details when editing pages.
  4. You may only modify information or add articles, but not replace an entire article with your own.
  5. You must maintain the structure used within this wiki to the best of your abilties.
  6. Any newly created pages are up to being redefined or deleted in case they do not fit the vision that I have for this wiki.

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