Hoi4 modding Wiki


There is a specific list of effects that can instantly change the game. Effects are carried out once when triggered by the rules around it. Unless specified, all changes made by effects are made only once, they are not continuous like modifiers are. Most notably, the completion reward of all focuses are effects :

focus = { 
  completion_reward = { 

Besides effects, there are also State Effects that can only be exerted on selected states.

Diplomacy & Event Effects

Effect Name Value Type Definition
add_autonomy_ratio Object Adds a named one-time boost to autonomy
add_opinion_modifier Object Adds a bonus or penalty to this country's opinion of another country.
add_named_threat Object Adds world tension.
add_state_claim Number Adds a claim to the state with the given number id
add_to_faction Tag Adds a country immediately to a faction.
annex_country Object Annex a country
country_event Object Executes a country specific event in the future. If the country doesn't exist, then the event will never fire.
custom_effect_tooltip Name Does nothing, but will show a custom message within the tooltip when hoovering with the mouse. Will write whatever localization it can find for the given name within the tooltip.
create_faction Text Creates a faction.
create_wargoal Object Creates a wargoal for your country.
declare_war_on Object Immediately declares war on a country.
diplomatic_relation Object Adds a diplomatic relation, such as a non agression pact, with another country.
give_guarantee Tag Guarantees another country
hidden_effect Focus Effects Hides effects from the player view
news_event Object Executes a worldwide news event
puppet Tag Puppet a country
release Tag Releases the tagged country from the current country, the released country gets all states that were cores.
remove_from_faction Tag Removes a country from the current country's faction. (Might not work if the country is not faction leader, needs testing)
set_autonomy Object Changes the autonomy of a country, can also be used to free a puppet.
set_rule Object Changes a country's rules, overriding possible ideology rules regarding diplomatic actions such as sending volunteers.
start_civil_war Object Starts a civil war. (You remain the old country)
transfer_state Numeric Transfers a state with the given state ID to the current country.
white_peace Tag Declares white peace with another country. Might only be possible if both countries are war leaders.

Country Effects

Effect name Value type Definition
add_ai_strategy Object Changes the way an AI behaves towards a specific action.
add_political_power Numeric Increase political power by the given amount.
add_popularity Object Adds a flat popularity percentage to a stated ideology
add_stability Numeric Adds a flat amount of stability to a country. (1 = +100%)
add_state_core Numeric The given state ID becomes a core state for this country,
add_ideas Idea name Adds an idea (passive modifier changes) to a country
add_timed_idea Object Adds an idea for a limited amount of time
add_war_support Numeric Adds a flat amount of war support to a country. (1 = +100%)
change_tag_from Tag Moves the player(s) who are playing tagged country over to the current country. (Reverse tag switching).
create_country_leader Object Adds a new country leader.
kill_country_leader Boolean Kills the current country leader. To be used with create_country_leader to replace a leader. If no new leader is available, a random one will be generated.
load_focus_tree Object Load new focus tree for a country,in the end write ID of focus tree
retire_country_leader Boolean Retires your current country leader. To be used with create_country_leader to replace a leader. If no new leader is available, a random one will be generated.
remove_ideas Idea name Removes an idea
remove_state_core Number The given state ID is no longer a core state of the current country.
set_capital Number The biggest city within the given state ID becomes the new capital of the country.
set_cosmetic_tag Tag Changes the colors and names of the current country to look like the given tag.
set_politics Object Changes the government ideology of a country
swap_ideas Object Removes an idea and replaces it with another. If the two ideas have simular localization names, the tooltip will mention that the idea is modified and what the differences are, while in reality it is replaced.

Research Effects

Effect name Value type Definition
add_research_slot Numeric Adds the given amount of research slots. cannot surpass 5
add_tech_bonus Object Adds the given tech bonus to your country with limited uses.
add_to_tech_sharing_group Name Add country to unique sharing group
modify_tech_sharing_bonus Object & Numeric Increasing or decreasing tech sharing bonus, 1 is 100,0.01 is 1
set_technology Object Changes whether a country has one or multiple techs researched or not.

Industry Effects

Effect name Value type Definition
add_equipment_to_stockpile Object Adds an amount of some equipment to the stockpile. Only works if the equipment is researched.
add_resource State effect Adds new resources to state
random_owned_controlled_state State effect Executes the given state effect

Military Effects

Effect name Value type Definition
add_command_power Numeric Increase command power by the given amount.
add_manpower Numeric Increases manpower by the given amount. This bonus is flat, and doesn't scale with conscription.
air_experience Numeric Increases air experience by the given amount.
army_experience Numeric Increases land army experience by the given amount. This refers to the experience that you gain from land battles and that you can spend on templates.
delete_unit_template_and_units Object Deletes a division template and all units with that template.
division_template Object Creates a division template for the current country. Units can then be created with create_unit state effect.
navy_experience Numeric Increases naval experience by the given amount.