Hoi4 modding Wiki

When not playing Ironman, you can open the console with the '~' key. In this console you can type various commands to cheat. Console commands can help you more quickly test aspects of your mod. You do not need debug mode to open the console. You can view the full list here and here.

Summary list for modding:

tag <TAG> Switches to the tagged country, in debug mode, you can see the tag of a country by holding CTRL+ALT and hoovering over it.
observe Switches to observer mode
event <event name> Triggers the given event name. "event political.18" triggers a fascist coup,

"event political.19" triggers a communist coup, and "event political.20" triggers a democratic coup.

set_ruling_party <ideology name> Sets the ruling party to the given ideology. This command is bugged, and doesn't change the name of a country. Use the above events if possible.
Focus.AutoComplete Instant focus completion. Including for the AI.
Focus.NoChecks Focuses requirements are disabled.
Focus.IgnorePrerequisites Focuses no longer require other focuses are prerequisites.
Decision.NoChecks Decision requirements are disabled.
yesman AI will accept any offer you send them.
allowdiplo Diplomatic action requirements are disabled.
annex <TAG> Annexes the tagged country. all puppets are liberated of that country.
research_on_icon_click Instant research completion
research all Completes all technologies for the current country.
ai <TAG> Disables the AI for the tagged country. If no country is tagged, disables all AI.
delall Deletes all units and fleets.