Hoi4 modding Wiki

Ideologies is a folder found within common. It contains a file called "00_ideologies.txt".

00_ideologies.txt contains all ideologies found in HOI4.

Ideology modding

Most of the time, ideologies in 00_ideologies.txt look like this:

democratic = {  #rename the ideology so the game doesn't freak out
	types = {  #types of your ideology
		conservatism = {
		liberalism = {
		socialism = {
	dynamic_faction_names = {
	color = { 0 0 255 }   #color of your ideology
	rules = {
		can_declare_war_on_same_ideology = no
		can_force_government = yes
		can_send_volunteers = no
		can_puppet = no
		can_lower_tension = yes
		can_only_justify_war_on_threat_country = yes
		can_guarantee_other_ideologies = yes
	war_impact_on_world_tension = -1.0
	faction_impact_on_world_tension = -0.1
	modifiers = {   #ideology modifiers
		generate_wargoal_tension = 1.00
		join_faction_tension = 0.80
		lend_lease_tension = 0.50
		send_volunteers_tension = 0.50
			guarantee_tension = 0.25
		take_states_cost_factor = 0.25
		annex_cost_factor = 0.5
	faction_modifiers = {
		faction_trade_opinion_factor = 0.50 #plus 50% trade opinion
	ai_democratic = yes # uses the democratic AI behaviour

Naming your ideology and creating types of your ideology

If you want to create an ideology, you should start by copying a pre-existing ideology and pasting it at the bottom. The first thing you need to do after copying your ideology is renaming your ideology. Make sure the name isn't already taken.

[ideology name] = {

Next, if you want to make different types of your ideology, you need to rename the pre-existing types that you copied and pasted.

types = {
  [type1] = { } 
  [type2] = { }

Giving your ideology a color

color = { [R value] [G value] [B value] }

You need to change the color of your ideology so that you can tell it apart from democracy or communism. You can use an online RGB color picker for this, I recommend using this. Once you have your color, copy the RGB value and paste it into the RGB placeholder, and remove anything other than the numbers. Now your ideology has a unique color.

Optional things

Things like ideology rules, modifiers and faction names are optional, although you probably should edit those.

Rules and modifiers

The rules are self-explanatory. Change the "yes"' and "no"'s around until you are happy.

Ideology modifiers modify what impact the ideology has on the world. Editing modifiers are basically the same as editing rules, except that you have to edit decimals instead of "yes"' and "no"'s.

Now you have an ideology!

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