Hoi4 modding Wiki

Not to be confused with history/countries. Where the actual stats of a country are written.


The countries folder within commons defines the colors and looks that are attached to each country through Common/country_tags.


graphical_culture = western_european_gfx
graphical_culture_2d = western_european_2d
color = { 106  119  89 }

The graphical culture causes different default portraits to be used for political advisors.

The color is usually overwritten in the color file, see below.

Colors.txt and Cosmetic.txt

The files colors.txt and cosmetic.txt are different and fill a unique role within the common/countries folder. colors.txt overwrites and creates a list of all the country colors, while cosmetic.txt provides a list with all cosmetic colors (see set_cosmetic_tag). It is recommended you try changing country colors here.


ITA = {
	color = rgb { 67 127 63 }
	color_ui = rgb { 87 165 82 }

Tip: The rgb (red-green-blue) values scale from 0 to 255. Here's a color picker tool that can help.